Blinc UltraVolume Is The Best Mascara Ever. Here’s Why.
When it comes to mascara, there’s always something to sacrifice. Whether it’s choosing a waterproof formula that’s impossible to remove or a full-lash look that smudges throughout the day, something always has to give. That’s why our team at Blinc...
Managing Dry Eye Disease – A Highly Prevalent Condition
Dry eye disease (DED) is a highly prevalent condition, affecting up to 75% of the population [1]. DED is a chronic condition and may be progressive [2]. In the United States, approximately 30 million adults have reported DED symptoms and that number is expected to increase [3,4]. Common symptoms of DED are dryness, irritation, burning, blurry vision [5], foreign body sensation, itching, light sensitively and tearing. Daily activities such as reading, night driving, watching television, working on the computer and wearing contact lenses can be affected with DED. There are many risk factors for dry eye. Intrinsic factors include female gender, older age,